Vitsan Inspection is a company for analysis, sampling, quality and quantity inspection


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Vitsan Gozetim Mumessillik ve Ticaret A.S. (Vitsan Inspection Co.) is a quality & quantity inspection organization including services of sampling, sample preparing, analyzing together with quantity determination and loss adjustment operations.

This well-established company was founded in 1873, started business for the first time in Istanbul/Sirkeci and in time it grew rapidly and became a member of Vitsan Group of Companies and still carries its business subjected to this group.

Within Vitsan Inspection Co., there are more than 120 employees and all of them are managers, engineers and inspectors specializing in their own fields and laboratory services.

In order to serve our clients quickly and cost effectively within suitable local knowledge, our company has many offices in Turkey and abroad.

Vitsan Inspection Co. is also in good cooperation with well-known inspection companies abroad. Thus, we can provide “VITSAN Service Quality” globally with our clients.

Our firm gives special emphasis to our laboratory testing services. For this purpose, a large laboratory was established in Dilovası-Kocaeli and invested with the state of the art technologic equipment. We have another laboratory located in Iskenderun.We also have a mine & minerals laboratory in Bandirma. Thus, we can provide high quality service to our customers in this field.

Our company’s business principle is constituted a ground of our client’s demands which are prerequisite for international professionalism & quality and our services will continue to underline our professional ethics accordingly.

Aims - Objectives

“Serving its customers with quality and expert staff is the basis of our professional service understanding.” VITSAN has ensured that all its managers and employees integrate their training with market experiences and specialize in their fields. As to their responsibilities, it emphasizes on placing and developing the same within the framework of “Vitsan Responsibility”awareness.

In order to reach high standards and quality, our company is determined to invest in all fields required for our profession and has been continuing this work with the same ambition and dedication since its establishment.

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Who we are

Our company has been in operation since 1873 and as published in the Turkish Government Official Gazette in 1979, was among the first four inspection companies in the list of International Inspection Companies approved by the Undersecretariat of Treasury and Foreign Trade (as it was then)

Our company was first registered as Vitsan Gozetim Mumessillik ve Ticaret A.S. at Chamber of Commerce in 1986. Since then, our company has been operating in four main departments; Petroleum and Chemical Products, Bulk Cargo, Metallurgy Departments and Laboratory.

Vitsan Gozetim A.S. Laboratory became the first inspection company lab to receive qualification from TSE in 1986. In 2004, it maintained its tradition as the first accredited laboratory (by TURKAK according to TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard) owning inspection company. In 2009, our company has been accredited by TURKAK according to TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 standard and has been serving as an accredited inspection company since then.

We are also an inspection company appointed by LLOYD’S agents to carry out inspection services in order to certify the commodities in import and export transactions.

Our domestic and overseas offices are equipped with the state of the art technological equipment and with our expert and experienced staff in all fields, we provide fast, reliable, advanced technology supported and solution oriented services to our customers at world standards.

Human Resources

For general job application, you can send your CV to insankaynaklari@vitsan.com or visit our Linkedin page and apply for jobs suitable for you.

Thank you for choosing us.

VİTSAN Human Resources


Vitsan Academy was established to contribute to the personal development of Vitsan employees, to increase their technical knowledge and to strengthen the communication of all personnel working in the company by organizing social activities.

Some of the most important activities; To organize trainings within the Vitsan, to provide information and experience to all the personnel in need with the support of our treasures and veterans and to perform various social activities.

The trainings given by Vitsan Academy are not only technical trainings but also include personal development and awareness trainings. With the aim of Sustainability , it has the duty to grow and rise with more cooperation, more communication, to contribute to the development of Vitsan personnel and to support them.

Vitsan Academy aims to contribute positively to their professional and personal development and performance by transferring Vitsan's values to young employees in the framework of continuous improvement and development. The ultimate goal is to ensure sustainability through the development of strong and dynamic teams that are constantly learning and developing.