Vitsan Inspection is a company for analysis, sampling, quality and quantity inspection


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Petroleum and Chemical Products Department carries out quantity determination, sampling, analysis and supervision to analysis of crude oil, petroleum products, petrochemicals, animal & veg. oil fats during loading/discharging operations; tank & line cleanliness inspections, stock controls, quantity inspection of LPG and ammonia during loading/discharging operations, quantity determination and damage ascertainment, sampling & preparation, analysis and supervision to analysis in agricultural products, fertilizers, solid chemicals, mines & minerals, metal products during loading/discharging operations, bunker survey and all kind of marine surveys together with container CSC and container condition-cleanliness surveys.

Also the department carries out preparation of volumetric capacity tables (tank calibration) of vertical/horizontal cylindrical and spherical storage tanks.

Crude Oil and Petroleum Products

  • Quantity inspection according to IP HM 28,IP HM 29 and HM 51 MPMS standards
  • Sampling and supervision to analysis according to TS 900-1 EN ISO 3170 standard

LPG and Other Gases, Ammonia

  • Quantity inspection, supervision to sampling according to TS EN ISO 4257, HM 21

Petrochemicals, Veg. Oil and Animal Fats

  • Quantity inspections during loading/discharging/transfer operations
  • Tank cleanliness inspections (Ship’s/shore tanks)
  • Sampling from all points according to standards
  • Inhibitor adding and weekly/monthly inhibitor, polymer control
  • Quantity inspections monthly (Stock Control)
  • ISO container, railroad car/tank cleanliness inspections, sampling, sealing inspections
  • Shore tank cleanliness, loading/discharging, sampling and sealing inspections
  • Sampling according to TS 7060 EN ISO 5555 and TS 900-1 EN ISO 3170 standards, supervision to analysis

Supervision to National Marker (UM) filling operations, sampling and marker control services

  • Sampling of bunkers according to ISO 8217, analysis and supervision to analysis
  • Bunker loading and delivery surveys according to ISO TR 13739
  • Delivery- Redelivery bunker surveys

Marine Surveys

  • On -Hire Survey
  • Off- Hire Survey
  • Crane performance surveys
  • Hold capacity surveys
  • Hatchcovers watertightness tests
  • Sealing, Unsealing of holds
  • Holds cleanliness/conformance controls
  • Quantity determination by Draft Survey

Agricultural Products, Fertilizers and Solid Chemicals

  • Holds cleanliness/conformance controls
  • Sampling and preparation (According to FOSFA, GAFTA, TSE standards)
  • Temperature and humidity checks
  • Stock controls prior to loading
  • Quantity determination by Draft Survey
  • Quantity inspections during loading/discharging (Supervision to weighbridge)

Mines & Minerals

  • Sampling from the stock according to the standard
  • Quantity inspections during loading/discharging operations
  • Sampling and preparation
  • Warehouse, stock area cleanliness inspections
  • Temperature and humidity controls, analysis
  • Quantity determination by Draft Survey
  • Physical-Chemical sample preparation and analysis
  • Screen/humidity tests
  • Sampling from coal and supervision to analysis

Loading and Discharging Inspections

  • Quantity, loading/discharging inspections of all kinds of metal products (steel coils, steel plates, steel profiles, pipes, metal sheets, machines)
  • Monitoring of operations
  • Damage ascertainment
  • Salinity controls
  • Sampling and preparation
  • Supervision to mechanical and chemical analysis
  • Pre- loading survey
  • Holds condition survey
  • Quantity and condition inspections of industrial products and commodities

Container Inspections

  • CSC controls
  • Condition survey
  • Cleanliness/conformance controls

Tank Calibration and Capacity Tables

  • Preparation of calibration tables of tanks and pipes in installations and storages.
  • Preparation of volumetric capacity tables of vertical & horizontal cylindrical storage tanks (According to ISO 7507-1, 7507-2, 7507-4, 7507-5, ISO 12917-1/2 standards)
  • Preparation of volumetric capacity tables of spherical storage tanks (According to API 2552 standard)